Portrait de Claire JoubertBorn in Casablanca, Claire spent her early childhood in Morocco before her family moved to Languedoc (Southern France) where she took her science baccalauréat.
At seventeen, she was trained in Silvia Montfort’s school as well as in Alexis Gruss’ circus in acrobatics and ballet dancing.
She first performed a double-trapeze number with Juliette to start her career in Alexis Gruss’ Cirque à l’ancienne where they worked for two years. They were awarded the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain bronze medal for this first number.
From the air, Claire then came back to earth to get training in balancing with Claude Victoria in Annie Fratellini’s school.
She then performed a solo number at the Puits aux Images Circus and in a women’s circus called Cirque de Barbarie.
She subsequently met Erika in such a small place in the Maison de la Culture in Chalon-sur -Saône (a show set up by Annie Fratellini) and their contortions resulted in the creation of  the Mandragores. From Berlin to Milan or Tokyo to Seattle, their act was a big success in a tiny space.
The Mandragores were awarded a prize for innovation prize at the Variété Preis in Stuttgart. The Mandragores’ duet adventure ended in a stunning, cross-cultural show called Babelle Heureuse with the Montalvo-Hervieu contemporary dance company which toured extensively. At the beginning of 2004, Claire chose a new artistic path with the creation of a solo act based on balancing and contorsionism.